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Program is the biggest headache of a virtual convention. The video demands can stress a website, there will be lots of compatibility problems across your audience's range of devices and browsers, both presenters and audience need to follow tighter protocols for when to speak, closed captions and text side channels can enhance or distract.

But virtual conventions also allow access to a talent pool that would never travel to your industrial town on a winter's day. The Ineffable Con run very successful virtual events for fans of Good Omens, remarkably handling 600 attendees with only 2 staff. Special guests can be asked to join for a couple of hours, input can come from countries where people cannot travel internationally for financial or political reasons. You can welcome back old guests now too frail to travel, timeshifting avoids item clashes and encourages international attendance, recordings extend the convention experience and can be used as publicity for future cons.

Programme planning tools include Grenadine and Zambia. Their public interfaces need to handle your copyright and privacy policies, interface with 3rd party sites passing authentication tokens and handle high loads on the day.