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Virtual conventions create lots of copyrightable material that is easily disseminated. Do you assert that copyright lies with the convention or the creators, do you restrict it all behind a paywall or just rely on the technically much easier security through obscurity. Allowing people to copy material to the Internet is good publicity, banning all screenshots is probably impossible.

Anything on a computer can be recorded invisibly and kept forever, but you want a policy on what programme items are officially recorded, who they are accessible to and for how long.

Do you ask individual contributors their wishes on this, and handle the likely wide variety of answers, or impose a blanket policy for the event. People are much more likely to accept blanket recording for a virtual event than a physical one.

Do you want to provide an archive of material for fanhistorians like FANAC, would the Internet Archive be a good repository, you can store stuff with the request to keep it private for now. Websites are much more ephemeral than paper publications, does the Wayback Machine have a clean and complete copy of your website. PDF copies of documents are preferred to paper by many, is your programme book so precious that only members can read it? Applying copyright article by article, image by image is a nightmare.

Best to ensure the code of conduct gives advice on what is acceptable.