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Long gone are the days when convention members badge names were added to flyers, PRs and programme books without question. Now attendees expect to be able to opt out of publications and website lists. Some cons are reluctant to provide geographic breakdowns as it can pinpoint some individual fans.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) defines rules for transfer of personal information of EU citizens within and outside the EU. This includes the UK at present. While bureaucratic, its principles are good practice for everyone. You need to be clear under which jurisdiction the convention operates.

Conventions should work on a need to know basis, but avoid endless form refilling for subsidiary functions like Art Show. People have varying views as to which of their real name, phone number, address and email are private, so caution is needed passing them around, but you can get tied up in knots seeking individual permissions, so its best to ask for blanket permissions at con, or function level, like programme.

At physical conventions people can see who is observing them and hearing their opinions. This is not true online, so permissions need to be sought about putting programme recordings online, and code of conduct worded about spreading information beyond the attendees from the programme, and chatrooms. Video clips are of concern, as with physical photography, still pictures are probably impossible to control.

A few people are likely to cause the biggest fuss, often for their own agendas.