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ConFusion is a small regional SF convention (700-800 people) held in SouthEast Michigan roughly the third weekend of January each year. It is hosted by the Stilyagi Air Corps / AASFA.

ConFusion is a general science fiction convention that has five Guest of Honor categories, usually Author, Scientist, Artist, Fan, and Toastmaster. Programming is strong in all of these topics and also in Filk and Gaming. Special events include a Dance and a Masquerade. Special features of ConFusion include its KidFusion program track and childcare available Saturday evening/night.

ConFusion is currently held at the Detroit-Troy Marriott. Highlights of the hotel contract include 24-hour access to the pool, a 4 pm checkout for all convention members on Sunday, and the fact that all of the regular hotel rooms the convention needs, including GoH rooms, the ConSuites, and the Green Room, are included at no charge in the contract regardless of room draw. Function space is subject to standard attrition clauses based on room nights filled. The Consuites have a corkage waiver and serve beer Friday and Saturday nights. The hotel collaborates with Ops when resolving any issue involving the convention or its members, and their intention to do so is included in the contract as well.

Unlike many groups, Stilyagi elects its ConChair and its Guests of Honor in a democratic process open to all members of the club. Club membership is determined by participation in club activities, including the planning and running of the convention. There is no membership fee to join the group. Former GoHs and Conchairs are listed here.