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Gaming is the collective term for all the kinds of games and contests held during the convention.

Gaming usually comprises an alternate track of programming. Usually the space given is separated from most program areas because of sound management concerns. The section is usually responsible for providing fans a place to play either a pick-up game (between events) sometimes referred as open gaming, and scheduled gaming which can include tournaments. The importance of this area is to be able to get a diverse group together over a game that will be enjoyed by all participating.

Depending upon the gaming coordinator's contacts, sometimes prizes will be provided by different sponsoring companies (as a form of advertisement), other prizes are given based upon the convention policies.

Kinds of games held

Organizing the Gaming rooms

A gaming room should be broken up into Open Gaming which appears next to the entrance and Scheduled Gaming which should be found behind. A centralized sign-up table that is manned is highly recommended to direct folks to events that might be of interest. Tables should be round with up to nine seats for Role Playing Games and many board and social games, with schoolies next to each other for duel style games or miniatures. It is important to have a regular supply of water near the entrance as folks can spend hours in this room,