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Westercon ( or WesterCon ) is a regional science fiction and fantasy convention founded in September 1948 by Walter J. "Doc" Dougherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. The location of Westercon each year is determined by a bid and voting process by the society members. Acceptable locations are cites on the continent of North America, west of the 104th west meridian , or in the state of Hawaii.

Guests of honor are chosen to showcase professionals who reside in the Westercon region. Given that there are hundreds of potential honorees, it is preferred that guests are chosen that have not been to Westercon before.

Westercon traditions

Through the years several events and activities are traditionally held at Westercon. These events are common to most science fiction and fantasy conventions.

The First Night Icebreaker is held early on the first full day of programming to allow an informal setting for members to meet the professional attendees of the convention. Mike Glyer introduced the ice cream social as a convention icebreaker in 1978 and has been popular ever since. A costume contest called a Masquerade is typically held on the second night of the convention. A Regency dance has been a staple for many years, with a rock and roll dance being held as well.

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