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This convention is a mid to large sized convention averaging about 1000 paid members, and other 100 or so comped members. The convention happens over the next to last or last weekend of October in the Denver metro area. Currently it is chaired by Linda Nelson with the help of volunteers from DASFA, a Klingon house, and a variety of people who's primary fannish activity is convention running. It has a mix of gaming, movies, anime, art, science, and literature, though the literary part of the convention tends to be at the forefront. The art show at MileHiCon is known for being very well run by Bruce Miller, a contributor to conrunner. There are multiple tracks of programing, usually four or five during the daylight hours, a movie room, an anime room, and a dealer's room. There is little filk activity at the convention due to its date frequently being opposite the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (OVFF).


Founded in 1969 as a special meeting of DASFA, it quickly grew to needing a hotel space and taking up a whole weekend. Thereafter is grew more slowly, usually adding a dozen or so new members each year. Originally there was a yearly vote upon the leadership of MileHiCon by the DASFAns, but in recent years the convention has become informally more independent due to a combination of lack of interest in opposing the current chair and the aging of the DASFA membership.

At first it was named Minicon (reflecting its small size), until it was discovered there was already a convention of that name in Minneapolis. So the convention was renamed Octocon... Until it was discovered there was already a convention of that name in Britain. The two finalists for the new name were MileHiCon and Lungfish Granola Con, the latter was suggested on the theory there could not possibly be another convention with this name. Fortunately MileHiCon was picked as the name for the forth annual convention by a two vote margin.

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