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Media is responsible for overseeing production of media content and implementation of technical elements at the convention. Just what is required of Media will vary greatly from convention to convention. This role may either be separate or synonymous with the head AV.

Media Production

There's great scope for using media to promote your convention, adding special flair to events and for capturing the convention on video.

Examples of media promoting the convention may include:

  • A movie-style trailer promoting the convention

E.g. Smash trailer (Sydney, Australia), MiDFur trailer (Melbourne, Australia)

  • An in-depth tour of the convention

E.g. Eurofurence (Magdeburg, Germany), MiDFur (Melbourne, Australia)

Examples of media played at the convention could include:

  • Introductory videos for the guests of honour, highlighting their work
  • Arranging for certain songs or sound cues to be played for dramatic effect
  • Specially produced short films for special events, such as the closing ceremony or revealing a surprise guest

E.g. Nullus Anxietus (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Promotional video for the closing ceremony highlighting the new features of next years event
  • Overseeing video coverage of the event

Examples of post convention media can include:

  • Production of the convention DVD
  • Editing and uploading videos of convention highlights to video websites and the convention website

Media production can involve a variety of skills, including the creation of audio, video, animation and producing. Remember to play to your strengths and to seek the assistance of other skilled people and volunteers to produce professional work that will reflect well on your event.