ConFusion (Eastercon)

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ConFusion, the 2021 Eastercon, lived up to its name. The very ambitious plan for the committee to be the first fannish users of a video-game like virtual convention system Gathertown failed because the software only worked on a limited range of platforms, provided a poor experience and had access issues. Discord was used for text chat well enough, but a complicated lashup of different systems for programme was confusing and unreliable, with almost no programme available for the first 2 days of the 4 day event. Committee relations with other staff areas were poor, and criticism not accepted. With the same committee bidding again site selection voting was acrimonious, and the curation of virtual questions unpopular.

The high hourly cost of Gathertown precluded much pre-con testing, and led to a £50 virtual membership which was viewed as expensive.

The virtual Art Show using ????? was very well received.