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Children's Programming supplies programming that will engage and amuse the 6 to 12 year old members of the convention. Ideally, this programming involves a minimum of video media and as much hands-on, interactive, creative, and/or educational time as can be managed.


1) Come up with ideas/pocket program blurbs for activities and programs appropriate for 6-12 year olds.

2) Find program participants who are good at and interested in working with children to deliver the programs.

3) Provide materials and space for free, undirected play.

4) Track number of expected children.

5) Recruit sufficient staff for adequate supervision of expected children, possibly in multiple program rooms.

6) Schedule program items so that there is a variety of things to do at any given time. EG: Program items that are mainly discussion are not well attended, especially if there is something much more interesting going on at the same time.

7) Optionally: Work with the Masquerade Director, Stage Manager, and Green Room for kids entering the Masquerade, or even more optionally put together a group Masquerade entry.


  • Development of programming ideas should largely coincide with the rest of programming brainstorming so that the items can be signed up for through the normal channels.
  • It is useful for the Kids Programming schedule to be fairly firm when programming goes to schedule participants for adult panels.
  • Kids Programming schedule should freeze with the rest of programming schedule to be printed in the pocket program and so forth.


  • Kids Programming is not babysitting. We do not (and in many hotels cannot, depending on the space and the contract) provide snacks or meals. Nor can we restrain children unwilling to remain at Children's Programming.
  • A separate programming track/area for teens might be desired.