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Burnout is an all too common condition in which someone has been smoffing so long or hard they stop having fun. People who are burned out lose their motivation and are at risk for gafiating.

The tendency to stop having fun is strongly correlated with an environment of other people who are not supportive or who are overly critical without being willing to help. Another contributor is people who commit to doing something and do not follow through, thus leaving other people overloaded with work they did not anticipate. At times, though, people have simply over-committed themselves without realizing it, or find that the work they are doing is more dificult or less pleasant than expected. Everyone in the concom should keep an eye out for this effect in themselves, each other, and anyone they supervise. Encourage people to ask for help if they are overwhelmed, and intercede if someone is being dumped on or otherwise receiving negative or overly emotional feedback that they cannot handle or do not deserve. Start from the position that no one deserves to be treated badly.