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If you are Really curious about how to help out around here, there is plenty to do.

1. Clean up the help files and tutorials to make it easier for newbies. This will pretty much be the number one thing to do for a long time. MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT PROGRAMMERS, and have not a clue how to hack code or the desire to try. Yet they have the information we need. We have to make this place easy for them to use. The goal of the tutorials should be to make ConRunner seem like Just Another Word Processor, not an impenetrable HTML / Wordprocessor / graphics / web app kluge.

2. Clean up the Templates so they will be more useful. This isn't terribly important, except for the better used and controversy templates, like Disputes, Current Events, SPOILERS, etc. and Copyrights.

3. Review articles for accuracy and depth. The more information we have, the better it is for everyone. Cross linking (wikify) to other topics and splitting pages to provide adequate depth is encouraged. Think of that wide eyed newbie that wants to throw a Con, and has no idea what is in store.

4. De-Wikipedia Conrunner articles. I stole shamelessly, and now we need to grind off the serial numbers. Some things do need to point back to Wikipedia, but mostly they should probably be customized for ConRunner or point to Wikimedia source documentation.